Laura Kenzel with Rascal & Mischief Series





      Laura Kenzel arrives at her first appointment as Pastor to find a small church beset by some unforeseen enemy that prevents a pastor from staying for the long haul. Before she is there twenty-four hours, she is accosted, almost kidnapped, finds a dead man in her garage, two Maine Coon Cats in the church belfry, and the promise of some exciting and confusing times ahead. Rascal and Mischief reward her for saving them by becoming her constant companions, protectors, and friends of the feline persuasion. Each book builds on the one before, but stands alone as a complete story. With the help of Laura, Rascal, and Mischief, crimes are solved and hope is given to the people of Cottonville, Ohio.

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Other Mysteries not in a series


Michael's Angel


      It is Christmas and Michael's mother had just died, his father is unknown to him, and he has no family. He has no money and refuses to go to the Children's Service Bureau Service, so he finds himself on the streets looking for a father he never knew. His only companions are Gus, his Guardian Angel and Nick, a little dog Gus saves from disaster. Although neither of them know why, Michael can see and hear Gus, which presents problems. Michael witnesses a murder and somehow Gus has to save him from the murderer, help him find his father, and do it all without seeming be responsible.


Sing Me to Sleep


Jennifer Miller has tried to forget her past. She is happy as a Lab Technician in the Austen Grove Community Hospital. Because of her past, she avoided men. When her mother, Kathryn Miller comes to live with her, she is faced with so many struggles that she almost loses her own life. Her mother has Alzheimer's, her past is about to catch up with her, a new Pathologist challenges her thoughts about men, and a serial killer is hot on her heels. Only Saucer, her gray cat is her constant companion . But even he deserts her when her mother comes to stay.


Great-Grandpa’s Diary


Corey Kahlor was raised by her mother believing her father to be dead. When he shows up, has a heart attack, gives her a diary belonging to her great-grandfather, her world suddenly turns upside down. She and her fiancé Roger, along with her mother's Bengal Cat, Reggie, are pulled into a 70-year old mystery. Before it is solved, murder, threats of more murder, kidnapping, and catnapping keep them on the run.


Father Snoop and Holy Smoke


This book is two mysteries about Father Bernard Snoop, an Episcopalian Priest. In the first story, Bernie meets and marries the girl of his dreams. They move to the city of Metropolis where Bernie is confronted with a church full of mystery and grief. His own grief is soon added to the mix. A stray kitten saves him from a fire and Holy Smoke becomes his constant companion, helping his solve not only the mysteries of the church, but moving on to another parish where he is again confronted with mystery and death. Father Snoop and Holy Smoke is a mystery, but it is also a fun story for anyone who likes unusual cats.


 Kendra Donovan Series



     Kendra Donovan's father is an FBI Agent. Kendra and her twin brother David grew up going to the office with their father. He, as well as others in the office, were unaware of just how much the twins were learning about their work. When her family disappeared and was pronounced dead, it took all her skills that she learned in the halls of the government building to keep herself alive while searching for the truth. She would not believe they were dead.

In the second book, Kendra goes to work for a Private Investigator. Their work dovetails with that of Brian and Lenny, her FBI boyfriend and friend. It leads her to flying a plane full of kidnapped children out of a Mexican jungle.

In the third book – coming out in the Fall of 2016 – she goes to West Virginia to help a friend. Brian and Lenny are there. She is joined by a Maine Coon cat they call Jasper who attaches himself to her and helps her solve the mystery.

Other Books


Grayhaven & Box of Secrets


     This is a book of two mysteries. Grayhaven is on the line of the old Gothic Novels with a castle and eerie happenings. This castle is in Maine. Kara Anderson answers the plea from help from her friend Marcy Dickinson, who owns the castle and wishes she was not such a fan of the Gothics. She finds mystery, murder, smuggling, and only a wolf-dog that she can trust to help her get to the bottom of it all. 

     Box of Secrets also takes place in the North East section of the country – Vermont. Erin Parker loses her family to a car accident and with only her grandmother's cat, Ginger, as a friend, moves to Vermont to take a teaching job. She finds life much different than in Ohio and soon is up to her neck in mystery. Only the local Veterinarian and his son and mother-in-law believe in her innocence when she is accused of murder. 


Escape from Richmond


     Escape from Richmond is a Historical Novel based on a true story from family history. While most Civil War novels tell about the battles men fight, this one is about women and children and their escape from Richmond before the war reaches its streets. While their men are in prison because they won't fight, Olivia Brunner takes a wagon train of women and children on a 400 mile trip north though the mountains to the area which is now Charleston, West Virginia. The men, including Will Brunner, a physician and preacher, escape from prison and follow them. They all learn the lesson of friendship, helping one another, and that adversity gives one the strength and faith to do the impossible.


Before the Dawn: A Night of Memories


     Before the Dawn in a Biblical novel about the night before the first Easter morning. Friends and Disciples of Jesus gather in a home owned by John to wait for the morning when they can go to the tomb with spices and ointments to pay their last respects. The night becomes what in modern days would be called a wake. Beginning the night in deepest sorrow, disappointment, and depression, each one recalls how Jesus touched their lives. Even the children tell their story. By morning when the women come to tell them the tomb is empty, they have worked through their grief and are ready to believe. 



     Rescued is an anthology of twelve stories about rescued cats. Each story is told by the cat who was rescued. My story is And then Came Michael.